San Francisco Office

Do you just need quick help?

Are you handling a legal matter on your own and want to make sure that you protect your interests?
Do you need someone to explain a will, a trust, a health care directive or a power of attorney?
Do you need someone to help you write a letter?
Do you need someone to review or prepare a contract?
Do you need assistance in negotiations or at a settlement conference?
Do you need assistance to prepare for small claims court?
Do you need someone to prepare a motion or a petition in a court case?
Do you need someone to perform and analyze legal research?

In these situations you may be need the advice of a lawyer. Contact me so that I can tell you if I can help. I will listen to your legal issue and determine whether I can work with you.

My fees to respond to your question on a single legal issue are:

$ 0.00 Response by e-mail
$ 50.00 Response by telephone
$150.00 Office Conference

I also offer flat fees for review and consultation services on a single legal matter.

$100.00 Document Package Review, in response to your request on a single legal matter, such as a real estate transaction; will, trust, power of attorney, health care advance directive, a contract proposal or an existing contract

$150.00 Consultation in response to your request on a single legal matter such as: advice in negotiations, legal evaluation of contract offers or small claims court coaching.

Court costs and courier charges are in addition to my attorney fees.