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Main Office – San Francisco, California

Martha Keller, Attorney at Law
388 Market Street
Suite 1300
San Francisco, California 94111

Telephone (415) 386-2468
Facsimile (415) 683-5771


Our Attorney-Client Relationship
When you contact me by e-mail with a question that contains confidential or time-sensitive information, you should use one of the several choices available to send your message in a secure environment. I use VIRTRU to send and receive encrypted e-mails and attachments and I use the fax feature on my e-mail service to send encrypted faxes.

Choice #1. You can encrypt your messages to me by using VIRTRU or another free encryption service.

Choice #2. You can encrypt your messages to me by using your fax or the fax feature on your e-mail.

Choice #3. You can call me or send me a regular e-mail asking me to contact you. When you receive my encrypted e-mail reply, VIRTRU will provide instructions on how to open my message and send your encrypted reply.

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