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Martha Keller

After more than 35 years in practice as a full-service attorney, I have decided to reach the population that is largely underserved by the legal system.   Too often, ordinary people are frustrated in their efforts to pursue valid claims because of the cost.   Sometimes, they sign papers without legal assistance and hope that the contracts and documents will not have adverse legal consequences.    Sometimes people undertake responsibilities under powers of attorney and do not know how to carry out their duties properly and efficiently. The list goes on because resolving a legal matter with limited attorney assistance is just now coming into its own.   Areas in which I offer limited-scope legal services on an as-needed basis are:

  • Disputes over Trust Administration and Elder Care
  • Court Matters for Claims under $75,000
  • Document Review of Deeds, Leases, Estate Plans and Contracts
  • Small Estate Probate Administration

I also offer to mediate family disputes over trust administration and elder care. If you have a court matter or dispute that threatens to spiral out of control, I offer coaching services and limited legal representation according to your needs.   If you don’t understand your deed or your estate plan or a contract, I will review these documents and modify them for a nominal fee.

Martha Keller
Attorney at Law