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FAQ – Minimize Costs

Limited-Scope Legal Services: An Idea Whose Time Has Come

If you are willing to put forth serious effort in order to save costs, you should consider resolving your dispute without a full-service attorney.

Your case may be a good candidate for limited-scope services.

Here are some ways to represent yourself and  work with your attorney to minimize costs.

1.Coaching Services in Civil Court: Regular Civil Court proceedings are long and expensive and quite impersonal. Adding to the ordeal, attorney fees increase as your works its way through the  system. Limited-scope legal service allows you to work with me as your attorney while you represent yourself at the stages of the proceeding that you select.

2. Coaching Services in Small Claims Court: I can provide limited-scope legal service at any stage of your Small Claims case.

  • I will prepare your demand letter and complete the small claims forms with the detail necessary to state your claim fully and succinctly;
  • I will help you file your case papers and serve your papers on your opponent;
  • I will organize your case for you to present.
  • I will prepare you to participate in court mediation of your claim and advise you on what to expect in this settlement proceeding.

3. Mediation: Mediation is a settlement session conducted by a mediator who is chosen in court proceedings or by the parties to a dispute. The procedure is designed to avoid taking the dispute to trial.  Mediation is designed to help the parties settle the outcome themselves in an informal setting and avoid the frustration and expense of court battles.   I cam represent you at any stage of the mediation and help you evaluate settlement proposals and any recommendations of the mediator. The fees charged by a private mediator, though not insignificant, are well worth the expense if a settlement is reached. If a settlement is not reached, the parties are still entitled to have their day in court.

4. Binding Arbitration: In binding arbitration,an arbitrator renders a decision in the form of an award. The award of an arbitrator settles all issues, great and small. Either party may prevail on all or some of the issues, or may lose on all of the issues. When your case is complex, I sort through each issue and help you to analyze the strengths and weaknesses of your evidence, your witnesses, your experts and your own testimony. I will assist you at any stage of arbitration and coach you on the procedure so that you can state your case coherently and rebut the arguments of your opponent. The award your receive from the arbitrator is final and enforceable.